Explosive, Demolition and Blasting Injury

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Explosion, demolition & blasting accidents are very dangerous, likely to cause death and serious injury. Thus, there are special laws that regulate precautions that are necessary whenever a person or business is dealing with explosive materials.

Explosion, demolition and blasting accidents may include accidents occurring during the trucking, air freight or other delivery of explosive materials, demolition and blasting cap accidents, during sitework or excavation, accidents involving the sale or storage of petroleum products or other explosive materials, gas tank design defects, battery explosions, fireworks explosions, pressurized consumer products and/or unsafely stored or abandoned explosive materials.

If an explosion accident injury occurs as a result of someone's negligence or fault, there may be a valid claim against the party at fault. If you or someone you love were seriously injured in an explosion accident, you may want to consult with an attorney to assess your situation. Call Malone, Tauber & Sohn, P.C. to learn more.

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