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Head injuries from car accidents may occur when a victim's head violently impacts some internal portion of a vehicle, is struck by a moving object during collision, or strikes any other non-moving object in the course of a motor vehicle accident. These injuries are most commonly known as a concussion. A concussion can range from mild to critical in terms of severity. Concussion can result in a temporary loss of consciousness or coma, or symptoms may not appear for some time after the initial trauma.

Even a mild concussion can result in subtle brain damage. The physical characteristics of a closed head injury from car accident incidents can occur immediately following the initial accident or can worsen in the period following the accident. Physical symptoms may include: headaches, paralysis, coordination difficulty, weakness, sensory problems, nausea, and difficulty sleeping and may also impact the victim's cognitive abilities. This can greatly affect one's ability to work or attend school following a car accident.

Victims who have suffered closed head injury from car accidents may be eligible to seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of earnings or property damage or pain and suffering. If you have questions concerning your rights after sustaining a head injury in an auto accident, contact Malone, Tauber & Sohn, P.C. for a free consultation.

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