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No matter what size your family estate is, your success and legacy are worth valuing and protecting. The simplest way to ensure that your funds, property and personal effects will be distributed after your death according to your wishes is to prepare a will. Without a will (intestate) to indicate your wishes, the court steps in and distributes your property according to the laws of your state. Estate planning isn't just about making sure the right people receive the right things. It is about making sure that your loved ones are protected from the devastating effects of probate court decisions, inheritance taxes, and unforeseen disputes upon your death.

We can also help your family deal with the probate law issues that may arise following the death of the estate holder. Whether you are a senior citizen concerned with passing your property along to your children while minimizing the effect of estate taxes, or a young couple with small children for whom you want to designate a guardian, you need the assistance of an estate planning lawyer.

For help please call the estate lawyers at Malone, Tauber & Sohn P.C.

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